is an online research solution for quick and economical consumer insights, empowering Market Researchers with the ability to target a unique population of Social Media users and gain the valuable insight they require.

A web based application interface and Social Media research platform, provides its users with an on-demand, real-time solution for obtaining product opinions, brand perceptions, feedback on advertising and marketing campaigns, promotional offers, concept tests and customer satisfaction, all for a fraction of the cost of traditional market research solutions.

How It Works leverages a network of more than 50 million consumers on Facebook and over 200 other Online Communities, and provides robust targeting across a diverse set of demographics, including gender, age and income, with additional options for ethnicity, geography, and a variety of lifestyle and personal interest categories coming in future releases.

By embedding questionnaires into Social Networks and Online Communities where users are incentivized to participate by their respective communities, enables researchers to engage adopters of Social Media, examine their preferences and access them in the context of their online experiences.

Who Uses

Analysts, Creatives and Marketers looking to bridge the gap between Social Media and Market Research by accessing a huge network of diverse and desirable demographics while reducing costs and maintaining high-quality research data.

Agencies, Brands and Organizations seeking access to ready-to-poll respondents in a variety of vertical markets, including Retail, Electronic and Mobile Commerce, Media and Entertainment, Consumer Packaged Goods, Consumer Electronics, Travel and Hospitality, or Banking and Financial Services verticals.

Key Benefits

  • Engage the sought after, younger generation of consumers, moms who participate in online social networking, and numerous other diverse and desirable demographics
  • Monitor product purchasing trends, brand affinity and perceptions, Internet and social media usage for shopping, lifestyle, educational and a variety of other purposes
  • Reduce costs while maintaining a high quality of market research data
  • Receive data in real-time, as respondents are engaged on the Social Network of their choice
  • Respondents are incentivized to participate by their community, providing a better user experience and optimum data quality

Demographics Breakdown